On crushes

I am the Queen of Crushes. I get them all the time and it’s mostly hideous. There are moments of it that I enjoy, usually seeing the person or speaking to them, but most of the time I’m beating myself up over the latest stupid thing I’ve said. Was I too over the top? Have I given the game away? Are they building a safe house for their bunny, lest I discover where they live? The answer to all these questions is usually (sadly) yes!

I always put my total ineptness with blokes down to the fact that I went to an all-girls secondary school. Between the ages of 11 and 18 I was in an almost exclusively female environment so while I can bitch like it’s going out of style, I’m still not very good at talking to blokes. That’s improved slightly, thanks to university and working life, but if I am in anyway attracted to someone, any scintilla of cool I have goes out the window and I either turn into the most over the top pain you can imagine (alcohol is usually involved in that scenario) or I completely clam up and blush furiously. My closest friends are women and most of the chaps I am friendly with now, I did fancy at one time or another and eventually got over myself.

However, I know it’s not just me. If Scissor Sisters have a song about it, then lots of people have had exactly the same experience. This has to be THE best song written about having a crush (ignore the video, it’s all about the tune)


About paddymade

Thirtysomething PR type, Northern Ireland born and bred, now residing in Aberdeen. I drink tea (a lot), swear (loudly) and craft (badly) This is my little corner of the internet, pull up a chair and get comfortable :)
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