Day 4 – Something green


This, believe it or not, is a corner of the green dress I had made for my school formal. I went to an all-girls school which was pretty big on traditions – a house system, prefects, a staff vs 6th form hockey match (really) and aforementioned formal dinner dance. This took place in February each year, open to the girls in Upper Sixth/Year 14. It was the last big blow out before the pressure really kicked in ahead of our A-Level exams. This event was a very big deal for all of us. We started obsessing about where the event would take place, who we would ask and most importantly WHAT WE WOULD WEAR months in advance. I was no different – I wanted an amazing, beautiful, elegant dress. Fruitless shopping trips led me to a fabric shop, a book of patterns and eventually my gorgeous green dress.

I don’t have any electronic copies of these pictures, so a picture of a picture will have to do I’m afraid. Me in the green, with Catherine in black and Jessica in sparkly burgundy. Every time I look at my dress and these pictures, memories of the build up to event come flooding back. I insisted my mum bought me full length black satin gloves, which I wore for a grand total of about 10 mins on the night. I spent over an hour with my hair in rollers, while I got my make up professionally done. It’s a tragic bit of girly stereotyping, but the school gave us a half day on the day itself, because they had long since realised we were all going to bunk off and go to the hairdressers anyway.

This was in 1998 and since then I’ve worn the dress just once. For a long time it didn’t fit me, due to a prolonged stay at the pie counter. I’ve fought most of that flab and I can now wear the dress again – all I need is a party. I’ll never get rid of it though. It reminds me too much of excitement and the girl I was back then.








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