Of neglect and Northern Ireland

Poor wee blog, I haven’t been paying nearly enough attention to you. It’s been a busy old time in the world of Paddy. There is obviously the bloke. He’s not keen on Man-Shape, so I’m going with Geoff for the time being. Those who know, know 🙂 Anyway, he’s all things lovely and wonderful, so there you go 🙂

There was also a birthday. My 32nd to be precise. How on earth I’ve got to 32 is quite beyond me. My gorgeous girls (and Barry) came to Aberdeen for the weekend and lots of fun – and shots – was had by all. At the last count 5 packets of strawberry popping candy had been hidden in my flat, I fully expect to find more. This is probably my favourite picture of the weekend.

Since Tuesday, I’ve been back home in Bangor. As always it’s good to be home, though I have missed Geoff terribly. How I feel when I’m at home is generally a good barometer for how I feel about my life. A few years ago, when things were not good with me, I would get terribly upset at leaving N.I. because I knew I was having to return to reality and that wasn’t the greatest thing in the world. However, the quality of my life has vastly improved with the result that  – happy as I am to get home – I am also ready to return to Aberdeen.

It’s been a action packed few days at home, with trips to Belfast, Ikea, Girlguiding Ulster (a Brown Owl’s work is never done), Culture Night in the Cathedral Quarter, brambling in Killynether Forest and a visit to St George’s Market. I’ve sewed badges on my camp blanket, reclaimed my grandmother’s jewellery and bought far to many things. I’ve never had to pay excess baggage before – will this be the trip when my luck runs out?

In a bid to get me blogging a bit more, I’ve put myself forward for the lovely Sarah Rooftops’s Why Don’t You? challenge. Sarah has come up with a list of things to do and each Monday she will draw one out of the hat and challenge those of us taking part to do it. It sounds like lots of fun, lets see if I can actually stick with one of these things for a change?

On a final note, by this time next week I will (I hope) have run the Ness 10k. You guys have been super with the sponsorship this year and this is the last time I will ask – if you’ve got a few quid to throw in the pot, then please do so here.


About paddymade

Thirtysomething PR type, Northern Ireland born and bred, now residing in Aberdeen. I drink tea (a lot), swear (loudly) and craft (badly) This is my little corner of the internet, pull up a chair and get comfortable :)
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2 Responses to Of neglect and Northern Ireland

  1. Eileen says:

    Oh lord, I do not like that picture at all! But still, what a cracker of a weekend it was!

  2. Oh, fab! ‘Course you can stick to it – there are no tricky or difficult suggestions.

    And a belated happy birthday! Sounds like a good one. 🙂

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