TW3 – Slight return

I’ve neglected you again little blog, sorry about that! It’s been a hectic fortnight since I returned to the Granite City, so without further ado…

Ness 10k

Preparations were nowhere near what they could have been for this race and to be frank I was terrified. Terrified of making a fool of myself, terrified of letting people down, terrified of getting hurt. However, off to Inverness I went and things went much, much better than I could have hoped. I didn’t stop to walk at any point, kept Dr Thomas in my sights throughout the race and completed the whole jingbang in 68mins 36secs. That’s only 23secs slower than the Baker Hughes 10k and I am really rather proud of myself. Clearly I have reserves of strength and fitness I didn’t know I had. It was a superb weekend and it was wonderful to stay with Elfmam and Dr Ron at the Black Isle Spa and BBQ club. There is a picture or two..

I haz medalz!

Why don’t you?

I have – so far – managed to keep up with Sarah Rooftops’ challenge. Every Monday she suggests a simple project to complete over the coming 7 days. The first was to adopt a plant. Now, since I have, without exception, killed every bit of plant life I have ever welcomed into my home, I decided to think laterally.

Oxfam Unwrapped, how I love thee. £5 later and I had bought some fertiliser for Third World farmers who will put it to much better use than I could. My second challenge from Sarah was to watch a feel-good movie. Most of the films I own are feel-good for me, but I decided to unearth a real classic..

Cheesy? Yes, but it put a smile on my face 🙂 I’m looking forward to the coming challenges from Sarah.


The fine ladies of McNasty’s B, or the Darts Tarts as we are better known, currently sit bottom of the Bon Ladies Darts Assoc Division 3. This does not please me, so it’s just as well the lovely Geoff bought me a dart board. It’s now up in my living room and is a thing of absolute beauty. Some men say it with flowers, my boy says it with darts 🙂

In other news….

My bus route home takes me past the harbour. I was amused to see not one but two groups of guys playing volleyball on the ships parked up there. I was also amused by watching the workers on Victoria Bridge painstakingly number all the cobbles ahead of the bridge repairs, so they can be sure they go back in the right place.

And how are you?








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One Response to TW3 – Slight return

  1. Ah, Mannequin…!

    I used to catch the bus out that way for my old job; so many people I know hate the buses but I always enjoyed the people watching…

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