TTF: 12th Feb (with a bit of Why Don’t You… thrown in)

1. A bit of Whitney. Obviously prompted by news of her death, I listened to my favourite song of hers. Step by Step isn’t one of her biggest hits but I’ve always loved it and it came on at a very appropriate stage as I pounded the pavements during the Ness 10k.

2. A birthday phone call to my Mum. She loved her presents, so I got it right again πŸ™‚

3. Baking. Baking always makes me happy. Today I took my first bash at Parkin. The flat smells flippin’ ace πŸ™‚

And onto Why Don’t You….This week’s challenge was to make a project that you’ve frequently drooled over in a book or Pinterest. Initially I was going to make lavender bags for Mum’s birthday but by the time I got to Wednesday (my first – and only – free evening this week) I was dog tired and not fit for much of anything. I was then going to have a go at knitting socks over the weekend. I bought the yarn, needles and a pattern book about 2 years ago but never got round to it. The needles have walked sometime in that period and the pattern book is beyond my limited skills. This is a roundabout way of saying I’ve failed at this week’s challenge. Onto the next seven days…….. πŸ™‚


About paddymade

Thirtysomething PR type, Northern Ireland born and bred, now residing in Aberdeen. I drink tea (a lot), swear (loudly) and craft (badly) This is my little corner of the internet, pull up a chair and get comfortable :)
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One Response to TTF: 12th Feb (with a bit of Why Don’t You… thrown in)

  1. I scraped in at the last minute with this week’s one.

    At least next week’s is straightforward… right?!

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