Fundraising Folly

I have, it would appear, finally lost my marbles.

So what else is new, I hear you ask?

Well, my mislaid marbles have gone in a very definite direction. Regular visitors to these parts will know that over the last two years I’ve taken part in a firewalk and four 10k races to raise money for MND Scotland. Those of you who know me well will know that I fundraise for this particular charity for two reasons – my dearest friend in the whole world works for them and because MND touched the lives of a work friend and many of the people closest to her.

It’s a horrible disease. The speed at which it took the life of a woman younger than me took my breath away and I was watching from a safe distance. What it did to her family and friends was nothing short of devastating. There is no known cure. MND Scotland is a small charity and it’s battling away to provide support for people with the disease and their loved ones, while also contributing to research projects trying to understand this disease and maybe even cure it one day.

The fundraising I’ve done so far has involved me taking part in events that challenge me and now I need a new challenge. In fact, I need three…

 1. The Glasgow Santa Dash – 9th December

Yes, I know the Aberdeen one is on the same day, but I happen to be in Glasgow , so there you have it. This may only (only!) be a 5k race but I will be taking part in full Santa suit and after my work Christmas lunch (Friday) and a gathering of my Glasgow girls (Saturday). Now, I’m not saying that the folk I work with, or my lovely friends, are a notorious bunch of old soaks but…well…..they’re a notorious bunch of old soaks. As hangover remedies go, this one will be kill or cure.

2. The Nippy Dipper – 26th December

That involves me, fully clothed, running into the chill embrace of the North Sea , on Boxing Day. It’s a bucket list thing. That’s the North Sea , a sea so cold that diseases will have nothing to do with it and I’m fairly convinced the seagulls get paid to go in there. There will be a poll to decide what outfit I wear, though votes will only be counted if you stick £5 in the pot.

 3. The Inverness half-marathon – 17th March 2013

Arguably this is the biggest physical challenge I’m going to face. While I’m certainly fitter than I’ve been in a long time, essentially I’m asking my body to do a 10k run, get to the end, and then do it all again. Right now, that is a pretty scary thought, though I’m assured that if I stick to my training plan, all will be well.

I’m using my existing JustGiving page and I’ve set myself a target of raising £1,000 across the three events. Now, many of you reading this have already supported me and I am incredibly grateful for that. What I’m hoping you will do this time around is spread the net wider. Do you have a charity collection in work instead of sending Christmas cards? If yes, could my MND Scotland efforts benefit this year? If no, maybe this could be the year to start? How about selling sweepers? (I can provide these) A little raffle, a quiz to sell amongst friends and colleagues, a bingo night? Anything you can do to help me, help MND Scotland will be hugely appreciated.

Thank you

E x


About paddymade

Thirtysomething PR type, Northern Ireland born and bred, now residing in Aberdeen. I drink tea (a lot), swear (loudly) and craft (badly) This is my little corner of the internet, pull up a chair and get comfortable :)
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2 Responses to Fundraising Folly

  1. Thank you so much Paddy! We really do appreciate it 🙂 ^st

  2. As much as I couldn’t run a half marathon, I still think the Nippy Dipper is the bigger challenge – brrrrrr! You’re a brave woman!

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